The Condor drinking water filter takes the efficient and reliable filter technology found in the Breakthrough and dresses it up. It uses the same 9 inch 5 Micron (Condor 100) and 0.5 Submicron (Condor 200) carbon blocks used in the Breakthrough and then takes it to another level with a glossy black housing wrapped in stainless steel, perfect for the high end kitchen without the high end price. For those who want “just a little bit” more, the Condor brings that touch of class.

Replacement Cartridges

BT-100 and BT-200 – 5 micron


The BT-100 and BT-200 filters use a 5 micron carbon block filter. They are great for chlorine and sediment reduction. In addition they will reduce a number of organic contaminants. Recommended replacement of the cartridge is at 1,000 gallons, this breaks down to about 3 gallons a day for one year. Heavy sediment could reduce the filters life. Replacements are American made. A Rainshow’r® Cameo shower filter comes included with the BT-200. Click here to for more details about the Cameo.

BT-300 and BT-400 – 0.5 submicron


The BT-300 and BT-400 filters use a 0.5 submicron carbon block filter. The micron sizing is 10 times smaller than the 5 micron block and is designed as a cyst reduction filter. In addition it will reduce both chlorine and chloramines. Recommended replacement of the cartridge is at 1,000 gallons, this breaks down to about 3 gallons a day for one year. Replacements are American made and a great value at these performance levels. A Rainshow’r® CQ-1000 shower filter comes included with the BT-400 filter. Click here for more details about the CQ-1000.

What is a micron?


A micron is a unit of measure equivalent to a millionth of a meter. It is used to measure the size of particulate matter and cysts found in water. See diagram for micron size comparison. At the submicron level parasites can be found in your water. These include giardia and cryptosporidium. Our submicron cartridge found in the BT-300 and BT-400 was designed to keep those nasty parasites out of your water and out of your body.


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