What Our Customers Say

Dear Mr. Ricci,
Thanks so much for taking the time to respond to my inquiry about the "life expectancy" of your filters. I appreciate the thoroughness and clarity of the paper you wrote, and can't imagine purchasing any other product from now on.
Louise H.

CQ-1000 Testimonials

"In life, from time to time, one get's what I call "a gift." You lose your wallet and it gets returned to you intact by the person who found it. You have work done at your home and the job turns out better than you imagined it possibly could. Well the Rainshow'r CQ-1000 is one of these gifts. I purchased it and hoped it would work, well, it does! I'm sensitive to chlorine and for years have been so uncomfortable after my shower — my skin would itch like crazy. Well, shower we must, and I had to put up with it. Well, no more! This product works. My skin does not itch, my hair is soft and I enjoy my shower. It's well worth the price and today I got a gift. Thank you, Thank you. And for the gentleman who invented it, you have made my day. In closing, the product is well made and packaged well--I think I'll go and take another shower."
Nick - Knoxville, TN

"Softer skin & hair! This is much better! Noticed skin improvement immediately - and within 2 weeks I no longer had cracked heels, which I've had for years!"
James - Great Neck, NY

"I experienced better skin with my first shower, my hands were not red & dry, it was great!"
Daniel - Sacramento, CA

"Love the shower filter."
Monica - Baton Rouge, LA

"We will always use the CQ-1000. We never thought the CQ-1000 would make such a difference-our skin & hair are not dry any longer."
Roy & Maria - Mahwah, NJ

"Water doesn't leave film. My dad got me the filter because the water at college is heavily chlorinated. I've grown up with chlorine free water and my skin just won't tolerate anything else. The filter works great."
Nova - Cosmopolis, WA

"Thanks for being there with such good helpful products."
Elinor - Los Angeles, CA

"Son needs filter for Eczema. Helps people with Eczema."
Ellen - Nellysford, VA

"You can feel soft skin when you are done also you only need half the water pressure."
Thomas - Dover, PA

"We only used it 2 days and usually I have to put a lot of lotion on my face. This morning I got out of the shower and forgot about the lotion - my face feels great! Thanks!"
Matt - Salt Lake City, UT

"It has worked great. I can't believe the difference it's made. The level of chlorine here in my new home is so high, it turns the white sinks green! The filter has been a God-send."
Joyce - Townville, NC

"After the city added more chlorine to the H2O supply, my scalp was intensely itchy every day. I prefer the shower filter to using expensive "swimmer's" shampoo. Thanks!"
Ruth - Attleboro, MA

"Have to experience this to believe it! My skin & hair have whole new textures: hair softer, more manageable, feels like hair again, instead of straw; skin soft & silky at end of shower. Who'd a believe it?! THANK YOU!!"
Kalanit -Yachat, OR

"What a difference! My boyfriend told me I was crazy to buy this, but after one shower he was thrilled! I am not kidding. We both felt the difference immediately. I read about shower filters 5-6 yrs. ago. I'm sorry I waited so long. But the CQ-1000 was the best choice."
Christine - Gallup, NM

"I like the Rainshow’r much better than the model I was using!”
Susan-Mebane, NC

“I am impressed with your careful and detailed professionalism in design, workmanship, parts, and style. I admire your integrity for perfection.“
Donald- Dallas, TX

Crystal Ball for the Bath Testimonials

"Skin is not dried out and the scent of chlorine is gone: delightful"
Susan - So. Pasadena, CA

"…no chlorine smell. The water quality feels great. Thank you!!"
Linda - Carlsbad, CA

"We like the products really well and have recommended them to others."
Jarrell - Charleston, WV

Garden Filters Testimonials

“You guys are the BEST!!!,
Hello, My name is John and I have been using your Gard'n Gro filters for
nearly 10 years, I have bought one for everyone of my friends or family that
is serious about gardening with living soil and I have 6 of them myself for
every faucet around the house. Anyway, I called a couple years ago because I
had accidentally left the filter outside and it froze overnight and split the
end cap, you folks sent me a brand new full unit, no questions
asked......then last month, my brother in law was helping me in the garden
and dropped one of my newer filters on the driveway, snapping off the
threaded end of the cap, AGAIN, you folks shipped me out, not one, but 2 new
caps. the very next day.....
Just want to give a BIG 'OL"Thank you" to all you good folks at
Rainshow’r, Mfg. for doing a fantastic job, having and giving great service to
your customers and having a GREAT product that I will constantly refer folks
to. It's nice this day in age to not get the run-around from a company.”
John, in Northern California

"Plants love it… everything is lush and green, I use compost teas and
living soil so this is a very important device in my garden, if not, the
MOST important item… My parts per million straight out of your filter
on my outside garden (hooked straight to a hose bib) is 18 - 23 ppm, now
that's just amazing. You guys rock, and have a customer for life. Keep up
the great work, if you ever need testing or anything like that, I would be
more than honored. Keep up the GREAT customer service and keep making a quality product."
John, in Northern California

"I received a new Gard'n Gro body dechlorinator, a new hose saver and a sediment pre-filter from the Rainshow'r Mfg. people today free of charge to replace an old one I was unable to open. Now that's service! I just wanted to thank you for going out of your way to help and tell you that you have made a Rainshow'r customer out of me for life."
S. R. - Wakefield, RI

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