Constant Presure Gator

Part No. CP-Gator
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The Gator was developed as a garden dechlorinator that can be used as an in-line filter. We’ve taken the same technology that has made both our Gard’n Gro and Green Knight effective, and added a few more benefits. The Gator is equipped with ¾” threaded brass inlet and outlet fittings for easy installation on outdoor faucets. It can be installed just before a timer in an automated system for hassle free dechlorinated watering. The Gator’s 10 inch loose media cartridge has six stages, each designed to work together.
WARNING: The Constant Pressure Gator is designed for garden and hydroponic use not as a drinking water filter. It is not designed to remove particulate matter or other contaminants such as organic chemicals from drinking water. Please also note that this filtration system is not recommended for use in filling fish ponds.