Condor Drinking Water Filter

The premier drinking water filter using the ultimate in coconut shell carbon technology.
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The Condor drinking water filter takes the efficient and reliable filter technology found in the Breakthrough and dresses it up. It uses the same 9 inch 5 Micron and 0.5 Submicron carbon blocks used in the Breakthrough and then takes it to another level with a glossy black housing wrapped in stainless steel, perfect for the high end kitchen without the high end price. For those who want “just a little bit” more, the Condor brings that touch of class.

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Who is Rainshow'r?

Rainshow’r® is the pioneer in the shower filter industry. We’re located in Southern California in the city of San Gabriel. We’ve been designing and manufacturing shower filters for over 25 years and have thousands of long time customers.

You can rely on Rainshow’r® to put customer satisfaction first. Our warranties are just the beginning. We back our products every step of the way. Every day, we go the extra mile to make sure you’re satisfied. Rainshow’r® provides the highest quality dechlorinating products on the market as well as really listening to what our customers have to say. We are constantly innovating to bring you the most effective product possible because Rainshow’r® is not just on the cutting edge; we make the sharpening tools that make the cutting edge. At Rainshow’r®, we believe that customers should know exactly what’s in the filters they purchase and make honest claims about our products’ performance. You can count on us to provide straightforward, accurate information about the materials we use and what they can do.

Replacement Cartridges

* Both the 5 micron and 0.5 sub micron blocks are 9 in. in length and are designed with double o-rings for easy replacement.
** Filter cartridge life can very depending on daily use and quality of source water. All filter components are Prop 65 compliant.
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Drinking Water Filter

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