Rainshow'r Marketing Materials

To help you in your marketing efforts with your customers, Rainshow'r® is providing online marketing materials that you can share with your customers in printed format or through your online and email marketing campaigns.


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Bernoulli Brochure

Water Shortage?
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Bernoulli Flyer

Introducing the Bernoulli Power Shower
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Bernoulli Flyer

Bernoulli Five Finishes
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Bernoulli Flyer

Bernoulli Specifications
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CQ-1000 & Bath 3000

Marketing Flyer
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New Century & Bernoulli

Marketing Flyer
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Gard'n Gro' & Green Knight

Marketing Flyer
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Rainshow'r® Magazine Ad

Always the Innovator
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Rainshow'r® Magazine Ad

Bernoulli Power Shower and New Century Shower Filter