Rainshow'r® Products Suggested Retail Prices

Rainshow'r® Mfg. Co., Inc. is the manufacturer of several dechlorinating filter products for the bath and garden. We sell our products through dealers and distributors such as catalog and mail order companies, medical doctors, health practitioners, natural food and nutrition businesses as well as water stores and related retail outlets.

Now Two Rainshow'r Product Lines!

Rainshow'r® now offers two product lines to meet the needs of our growing number of customers.


The Rainshow'r® Classic Series of products is Rainshow'r® original high-quality shower, bath and garden filters.
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The Rainshow'r® Signature Series contains upscale products specifically designed for the high-end market. This includes our new Bernoulli showerhead, the New Century dechlorinating shower filter and the forthcoming products, the Crystal Satellite and the Regency.
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