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Rainshow'r® is not only helping with the quality of the water coming out of your family's shower, we are also concerned about the amount of energy used during a shower. According to the Dept. of Energy, heating water is the second largest residential energy user. Showers account for 32% of all home water use. We don't want you to feel guilty about enjoying your hot shower so we have available to our dealers a choice of high-quality water-conservation shower heads that reduce water usage up to 50%. Not only are you helping to conserve one of our most important resources, you are also saving money on both your water and heating bills. An important environmental publication pointed to a study in which experts found "that changing to a water conserving shower head saves 27 cents of water a day and 51 cents of electricity for a family of four." That is 78 cent savings a day! That means Rainshow'r pays for itself in energy savings in less than 90 days. (Utility rate prices may vary in different cities)

Not only does the reduced flow shower head cut energy costs it also provides for the optimum chlorine removal by the filter because the water flow rate through the filter is controlled to no more than 2.25 GPM. This allows for ideal contact time for the filtering media. When using a good quality flow reduction shower head you can still enjoy a quality shower experience.


Further water conservation is achieved with the use of a shut-off valve. This can save several gallons per shower. The small push button valve is attached at the inlet of the shower filter. Rainshow'r sells this shut-off valve exclusively to Rainshow'r dealers. The convenient shut-off valve allows you to pause the water flow while lathering, shampooing, or shaving. You then turn the water back on without readjusting the water temperature or flow rate.


The Rainshow'r Gard'n Gro garden dechlorinator's optimum performance is achieved at a flow rate of 4 GPM (gallons per minute) or less. Therefore the use of drip irrigation or a soaker hose is ideal when used with the Gard'n Gro because these watering systems will save hundreds of gallons with maximum chlorine removal. Water flow rate is not controlled by the Gard'n Gro. You must estimate how high to turn on your water for a flow rate of 3 GPM (4 GPM max). Upon first use of the Gard'n Gro you can observe the length of time it takes to fill a one-gallon pail (or a 3-gallon container) in one minute. This will show you approximately how much to open your water spigot for the ideal 3 GPM flow rate.


  • While waiting for hot water to reach your shower, catch the cold water in a watering can to use later on house or garden plants. (Save 100-300 gal./mo.). Keep a bottle of drinking water in the refrigerator instead of running the tap for cold water. (Save 200-300 gal./mo)
  • Run only full loads in the washing machine and dishwasher. (Save 75-200 gal./week).
  • Deep-soak your lawn. Water just long enough for water to reach the roots where it is needed. (Save 750-1500 gal./mo.) See Gard'n Gro below. Water the lawn in the morning or evening when there is less evaporation. (Save 300 gal./mo.)
  • Plant drought-resistant native trees and plants. (Save 750-1500 gal./mo.) Water Saving Tips compiled from the Metropolitan Water district of Southern California


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Rainshow'r is not only helping with the quality of the water coming out of your family's shower, we are also concerned about the amount of energy used during a shower.
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