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There are several considerations when using KDF that need to be factored into the final shower filter design. One of the primary issues is "contact time" - the amount of time the media is in contact with the water before it exits the shower head. The longer the water is in the presence of the media, the better the media performs. For optimum results of chlorine removal, the flow rate should be no more than 2–2.5 gallons per minute.

The type of shower head used with the filter is an important factor in controlling flow rate through the filter. The shower head should provide the desired amount of water reduction, while giving the user an acceptable shower delivery. Inexpensive shower heads are often "water guzzlers" and may deliver water in excess of 2.5 gallons per minute, exceeding federal regulations. To bring these heads into compliance, some manufacturers restrict the flow (much in the way you restrict flow in a garden hose by crimping the hose) to achieve a lower flow rate. This is not acceptable because restricting flow in this manner can significantly compromise media contact time as well as create an inferior showering experience because of poor water delivery.

MS-Head-Style DSP-Head-Style Handheld-Massage-200
The best results are achieved with a high quality, flow-reduction shower head. Because shower delivery plays such an important role in the filtration process (as well as the user's enjoyment of the shower), use a name brand shower head for your filter.

Rainshow'r® provides for their dealers four types of shower heads. A fixed action spray manufactured by Whedon as well as Whedon's hand held hose kit. And a massage action shower head by Amcor and Amcor's hand held hose kit with the massage action feature.


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There are several considerations when using KDF® that need to be factored into the final shower filter design.
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